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"Giving is not about making a donation...
It is about making a difference!"
​ IIITD&M Kancheepuram has completed 10 years – with a deep sense of satisfaction over its record of contributions, achievements and recognition received. As a young and vibrant Institution with a vision of becoming the "pioneer of new ideas and of innovations in design and manufacturing" the Institute needs to take several new initiatives in this direction. ​ The Alumni corpus fund of the OAAR is a platform for the alumni to come up and give back something to their alma-mater. This fund can actually be brought to use through various ways. It can be used to help out the students applying for foreign interns, conferences and of course for research purposes.

What better cause to donate than this one?! The problems that you once faced shouldn't have to be faced by anyone in the coming future of our institute.This is what makes us responsible alumni. So, it is our humble request to all alumni to help make this initiative a success. We pay our gratitude to all our alumni who came forward and stood as light bearers for this initiative.The donations being collected under the Alumni corpus fund (ACF) will be used to fund student papers/presentations/ conferences and seminars. The donor can specify the purpose and recipient of the donation. For the following academic year, we have planned to have at least four such student activities from B.Tech, Dual degree, M.Des and PhD each.